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We know it all starts with you - the Loan Officer.
That's why we designed our company around you. We surround you with the team, tools, and technology to help you succeed every day. From our processors and underwriters to our marketing resources and materials, to our technology tools - everything is deployed to help you THRILL your clients and referral partners.

Our commitment to you:
We're here to help you close business, not put up road blocks. As a team we all operate under the maxim of supporting you, the loan officer, in every way possible. You'll be instantly impressed at the level or service and attention you receive. In fact, many of our new hires tell me that they keep pinching themselves after 2-3 months.

It's that good here.

From the Loan Officer to the Processor to the Underwriter to the Closer, we are all hands on deck for a smooth closing with One Common Purpose: to “WOW” the Realtor and the borrower so they want to come back and do it again and tell all their friends about their great experience. We are not a bank selling multiple banking products to consumers. We sell only one thing and that is mortgage loans and we do it better than everyone else.

"I was impressed with how customer-focused each department was and how efficient operations run.
I really liked how everyone understands the importance of the referral source, and by growing their business,
it translates into
more business
for us loan officers!"    

   -Andrea Twardy 

"Marketing was able to provide mailers, newsletters, flyers, e-mail campaigns, and personal webpages right from the start. This allowed me lots of face-time in front of agents. Also, the company places a high focus on educating, encouraging, and helping borrowers make the right loan choice. I strongly believe it’s important to do a loan when there is a true benefit for the client, and Equity Resources, Inc. believes that is the right thing to do."      
-Shane Marzullo

"When I joined Equity Resources, Inc. I was very impressed by the team atmosphere I felt. I felt that Ed, President of the company, truly cared about each employee, and it’s something I had never felt before from an employer. I asked Ed, “How did you manage to put such a great group of people together?” His response, “I built a team to develop raving fans, and a raving fan blends back into the team.”    

 -Dave Hall


Ed Rizor began Equity Resources in 1993. He had a vision that people deserve a mortgage company that acts like a Service Company, not a big bank or finance company. Each year we have learned, adapted and grown from suggestions, referrals and repeat business. Our commitment isnt just to help familes purchase a home or refinance. It's to be their lender for life until they are debt free. 

After 30+ years, we are still 100% committed to our core value or using Raving Fan service to improve the lives of families. We hope you join us on our journey!



With a variety of investors we can always find great rates and terms that are best for your situation.

Gov't Loans

FHA, VA, and USDA loans are all government backed and offer low to no downpayments if you qualify.

Bond Program

Working with a state program we can help you get that downpayment so that anyone can own their own home.







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Marketing Costs - Infograph.jpg
  • 8 full time team members that support our Loan Officers with personalized monthly newsletters to your clients, Realtors, and referral partners and much, much more.             

  • We created a state of the art marketing system to keep you in touch called ERMA (Equity Resources Marketing Assistant) with all of your past clients, current clients, Realtors and referral partners.

  • 3 year continuity campaign to keep in touch with all of your clients.

  • Loan Status Updates: We make you look great by providing 7 dynamic status updates to you, your clients, and your Realtors throughout the loan process!

  • We offer a full library of lunch and learn seminars, flyers and videos to fully support your marketing needs.

  • Automated “drip” campaign marketing through our robust full CRM system. This is provided at NO cost to our Loan Officers.

  • Proprietary app designed for Client and Realtor needs including live loan status + mortgage calculator with real time rates by location, program and score.

  • A Media Group to create positive, factual and creative social media content to help build, maintain and grow Realtor partnerships.

  • Closing gift for every client.

  • Mortgage calculator phone app co branded with each realtor partner.



  • Get 'actual' support tailored to your business plan.

  • Have flexibility or where, when and how you work.

  • Get paid on closed loans in the next pay cycle - not the end of the next month

  • Get free top marketing support to your top 40 Realtors

  • Talk to an Underwriter before, during or after a loan is submitted.

  • Get common sense Underwriting exceptions

  • Have a 'Best in Class' automated marketing system for your in process and former customers, that keeps in touch and provides referrals.

  • Have 24 hour Underwriting turn time - Guaranteed.

  • Have a back office team that provides 'Raving Fan' service - That is supported by testimonials not just by hype.

  • Are looked at as a leader in the industry with the products, rates and serve to satisfy clients and customers.

  • Identify the top 20% of agents who are doing 80% of the business with the help from your Mentor.

You are the CEO of your business
Business Develoment


  • 24-HR Underwriting

  • CDA

  • Dedicated Processor

  • Manual Overlays

  • Why Equity Resources? Click here!

  • Awards

  • Community Involvement  (Toys for Tots / Coats for Kids / Honor Flight / Red Cross)

  • Individually Tailored Compensation Plans. You can choose your commission rate from 60-180 basis points based on where you
    want your pricing to be. No Tiers! Can be modified every 6 months.

  • Medical Benefits

  • Computers for College Program

Break Out Of Benefits - Infograph.jpg
Support and Benefits
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Meet Melanie Lund
Director, Sales Recruiting


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