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Reconnect Options


Use these tools to reconnect to past clients you haven't spoken to in years, or connect
with business partners that were maybe left behind by your old company.  


The focus of many of these postcards is to emphasize the better service you can
bring with Equity Resources backing you.


Don't forget, there are reconnect emails in ERMA that you can email blast out to clients and Realtors.  This is the fastest way to get the word out, so don't leave that step out!


Front Options


Option 1


Option 3


Option 5

What do I do.PNG

Option 7


Option 2


Option 4

What Do I Do - Equity Resources.PNG

Option 6

Why Equity Resourses.PNG

Option 8

Email reconnect options are available in ERMA.
Just email blast any of the following. 


Equity Resources Folder

  • Introducing Equity Resources

  • Business Contacts Intro – I Have Moved

  • Customer Intro – I Have Moved

  • PC Reconnect Email for New LOs


  • REALTOR - Reconnect Email for New LOs

  • Realtor Intro – I Have Moved

Reconnect Postcards

Thanks for your request!

Equity Resources, Inc.

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