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Ralph Dawson
Mortgage Specialist, NMLS 226892
(301) 437-5534

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A simpler home purchase and refinance process. Period.

Equity247 is our digital mortgage platform built to elevate the consumer lending experience when buying a home or refinancing. This technology allows borrowers to apply, get updates, keep track of to do lists and upload documents right from their mobile phone or computer.


                             - Streamline the loan process
                           - Decrease the time it takes to get funded and into your home
                           - Intuitive application that personalizes further questions and documentation
                             needed based on client answers
                           - Link direct to your bank account and employment
                           - Save time, increase accuracy and less paperwork!
                           - View your mortgage information and status when it is convenient for you
                           - Upload images or documents directly to your personal mortgage hub
                             from your mobile phone, computer or tablet
                           - Reach your Mortgage Specialist with one click
                           - Communication the way you want it, when you want it

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