We are beyond Grateful for everything Peggy Fowler did for us. She truly changed our lives. Before we met her, we were so skeptical and worried that we wouldn't be able to refinance our 1st mortgage and a maturing Balloon Loan. This loan has been a hardship for us, for a while.

We had previously inquired about refinancing in the past and everyone we had spoken with then, made it sound so difficult, not to mention fees that could/would have cost upwards 500+, and those were just applications fees with no guarantee of an "Approval" .... we just felt so defeated! Like we were going to be stuck with this, and have to deal with it, the best we could...

Finding Peggy was like having an angel sent from above! She was able to put all of our worries and hesitations at ease almost immediately!

We thought we could only do the mortgages, but she was able to consolidate our other loans and credit cards too! We were flabbergasted, like "this is too good to be true!"....... But it's not! ITS REAL! She put over $800 a month savings back into our pockets. Our now, 1 payment a month, is less than what we were paying on just our 1st mortgage, let alone all the other payments for the balloon loan, other loan and credit cards! ....

We will never stop talking about how amazing Peggy Fowler is!! She is one that is far and few between to find! if you have the opportunity to meet her or work with her, consider yourself very blessed! ... We can never thank you enough Peggy! You are amazing!


Scott & Aimee, Refinanced July 2020

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Peggy Fowler
Mortgage Specialist
NMLS 1579, 300208

4426 Murfield Drive East
Bradenton, FL 34203

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4426 Murfield Dr E Bradenton, FL 34203
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