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Join Our Team!

Top 10 Reasons To Join Equity Resources, Inc.

10) Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & Ginnie Mae Direct Lender! We have the ability to
      service our own loans.

9) On-time closings.

8) Common sense underwriting with a 24-hour turnaround time, as well as a help desk
    to call in and discuss loan scenarios.

7) A highly ethical and integrity-based company from the top down that is privately
    owned and operated.

6) A superior “Best of Class” compensation plan.

5) A tenured, professional and dedicated support and leadership team.

4) Ed Rizor, the president and owner of Equity Resources has a mortgage banking
    background and started his career as a loan officer. He KNOWS what you are
    dealing with on a daily basis and values you and your ideas.

3) Leading edge technology.

2) Marketing: We have a dedicated marketing department that promotes your targeted
    marketing message along with a strategic K.I.T. (keep in touch) program to continually
    keep you top of mind with your valued clients and referral partners. This includes the
    ability to “co-brand”.

1) We are dedicated to helping you grow your business as big as you desire through a
    dedicated support team and fabulous business and marketing tools to help catapult
    your business.

What stood out most to you when you
joined Equity Resources, Inc.?

"I was impressed with how customer-focused each department was and how efficient operations run. I really liked how everyone understands the importance of the referral source, and by growing their business, it translates into more business
for us loan officers!"    
                               -Andrea Twardy 

"I was excited to know Equity Resources, Inc. delivers 24-hour underwriting times. This is a huge help in keeping the loan process from dragging out and eliminating added stress to my clients."   

                                           -Kelley Hall

"Marketing was able to provide mailers, newsletters, flyers, e-mail campaigns, and personal webpages right from the start. This allowed me lots of face-time in front of agents. Also, the company places a high focus on educating, encouraging, and helping borrowers make the right loan choice. I strongly believe it’s important to do a loan when there is a true benefit for the client, and Equity Resources, Inc. believes that is the right thing to do."      
                                       -Shane Marzullo

"When I joined Equity Resources, Inc. I was very impressed by the team atmosphere I felt. I felt that Ed, President of the company, truly cared about each employee, and it’s something I had never felt before from an employer. I asked Ed, “How did you manage to put such a great group of people together?” His response, “I built a team to develop raving fans, and a raving fan blends back into the team.”    
                                           -Dave Hall

ERI Mortgages Logo no background.png

Jamie Drayton
Director of Loan Officer Education
and Development

NMLS 1579, 1020118
25 S Park Place
Newark, OH 43055

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Mobile: (248) 535-7217

Equity Resources, Inc.
25 S Park Place * Newark, OH 43055
NMLS 1579. Jamie Drayton 1020118 

CT ML-1579, DC MLB1579, FL MLD880, MA Mortgage Lender & MA Mortgage Broker MC1579,
NC L-134393, SC MLS-1579, DBA Equity Resources of Ohio, Inc.
& Equity Resources, Inc. of Ohio
Certain limitations apply, call for details. Corporate Office 25 S Park Place, Newark, OH 43055.
Toll Free 1-800-270-7082

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