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Brady Leunis

Mobile - 724-866-3664

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Brady Leunis, Mortgage Specialist - Equity Resources, Inc. Bridgewater PA

About Me

I was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA and worked my way up through many blue- and white-collar jobs, with the same hard-working mentality that built this city. I was fortunate to start my career with one of the bigger banks in the area where I gained valuable knowledge when it comes to consumer credit. I now want to share my knowledge and educate families and individuals who are looking to purchase a home or refinance their existing mortgage.


Buying a home is the biggest asset someone will acquire and choosing a mortgage with Equity Resources and me will make the process stress-free, enjoyable, and educational. I am excited to lead you through this process until those keys are in your hands and the moving trucks are full and on their way to your new home! 

Loan Programs


The classic loan type - with lower downpayments this will require private mortgage insurance, but I have a lot of options to help.


Gov't sponsored program that helps borrowers who can't afford a high down payment or who may have credit score issues.


These loans are gov't backed and are 0% down programs that help set you up with loans as long as the house isn't in the middle of a city.


VA loans are a benefit to our veterans.  They're low interest rate loans with no downpayment required.

Equity Resources, Inc.
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Corporate Office 25 S Park Place, Newark, OH 43055. Toll Free 1-800-270-7082
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